Ways To Eat Like a King On the Cheap

Going out to eat on a consistent basis can leave those who have a bit of financial freedom struggling paycheck to paycheck. Eating doesn’t have to be extremely expensive and eating high quality food isn’t reserved for the rich. It is possible to eat well without making huge lifestyle sacrifices to do so. The following are some ways you can eat like royalty on a budget.

Going directly to the source is not something that many people think of. Farmer’s markets are a great place to meet those who are producing the food in the area. Creating a relationship with a farmer can be easy as you can commit to buying a certain amount of food from them a month. This consistent basis of purchasing will lead to price cuts as many farmers would rather sell all of their meat and vegetables without having to go to a farmer’s market. Investing in a large freezer and purchasing a half pig or cow can cut costs especially for a large family.

Buying in bulk is something that many people do but some actually avoid. The worry of food spoiling or a yearly fee seems to ward off many people. With one trip to a wholesale store like Sam’s Club or Costco can have the shopper saving the entire yearly fee in just one trip. Looking at the price per ounce or unit is important as not all products at these stores are cheaper than their grocery store counterpart. Save money by buying in bulk and possibly going to an off brand to save just a little bit extra!

Hunting or fishing for food can be a great way to relax while bonding with a family member or friend. Not all people have the equipment to hunt or fish and are reluctant to purchase the items as some can be expensive. This can be made more affordable as Groupon has coupons for stores like Sierra Trading Post for hunting and fishing equipment needs. Saving money while eating freshly caught or shot meat is delicious as well as budget friendly.

Eating high quality meals consistently doesn’t mean you have to take out a loan. Shopping and eating in a budget friendly way just takes some research. Keeping the budget in mind at all times is a great way to hold you accountable. How do you eat like a king on a budget?